Other Mediums

Colleges Against Cancer Magazine Spread



This is a magazine spread I created for a class using InDesign and Photoshop. The story featured in this spread was originally written for and published by the Times Delphic and can be read here. Additionally, I wrote this article as a promotion for Colleges Against Cancer during my role as Communications Chair.


Colleges Against Cancer Social Media

Untitled design

Here are a few examples of the social media posts I created for Colleges Against Cancer as the Communications Chair. Most of these posts advertise for Relay for Life, our organizations largest event to raise money for cancer research and other programs that help cancer patients and their families. This year we raised over $21,000!


94.1 the Dog Radio Show

Fall 2015, I hosted a weekly radio show on the campus radio station, 94.1 the Dog, including music, news, community update, and weather. I acted as the on air personality and board operator. Here is a sample of my show:


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