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As a little girl, I told my mom, “When I grow up, I want to make movies that change the world.”

From a young age I’ve been captivated by the power that video production has. As a student and professional, I have found a definite beauty in bringing stories to life in visual ways that impact an audience.

My years in college developed my skills as a story teller, producer, editor, marketer, and much more. I’ve experienced the journalism world throughout my time with CBS News during the Democratic Debate and Iowa Caucuses, and as an intern at KARE 11 in Minneapolis. Working as a director for Drake Creative Services and ESPN, I am gained experience in live sports production as well. As an intern at Meredith Corporation, I enjoyed diving into a corporate experience of video production and working to deliver creative, branded content.

I am now the Production Coordinator for the Asset Creation Unit. In this role I’ve edited top preforming food, craft, garden, and home videos, shot in-studio and on location, and guided content from pre-production to final posting.

I also work as a freelance editor, creating videos and photos for any need: sports reels, graduation videos, events, and anything else you can throw my way. Looking for someone to pull your mountain of footage or photos into the perfect video? I’d love to help!

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